Craft fair insanity: buying fabric just to cut it up & sell it

There are times when my fabric addiction takes over. Usually when confronted with a gorgeous range from Michael Miller or Makower. When I saw this project from the Sewing Directory I decided it would be perfect for selling at my next craft fair.

I used this bundle from Plush Addict and kept one of the FQs for making bias binding.

but first a test run. I bought this on impulse from a local fabric shop: 4 pieces for £8 but a) they weren’t full FQ & b) two had quite bad sun bleaching so I’m unimpressed.

The main issue was working out which pieces to put next to each other, as all the prints coordinate.

However, the actual pieces are soft, strong, clearly printed & have a lovely effect when combined. I have no idea what to charge for them but aren’t they cute!20130717-183211.jpg


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