Cup. Mug. Cake. Bake.

I’ve been eating clean for months now: coffee is a totally different food group but no sugar, flour or baked goods have passed my lips since April. I’ve not missed it, to be honest: the freedom from cravings has been awesome.

Until this last week. Four months later and the hormones/pmt kicked in. Something sweet *had* to happen.

I found some great looking recipes – pumpkin pie, chocolate cake & blueberry scones (all sugar, flour & milk free) were tried but none worked. Not for me. I’m seriously sensitive to all kinds of sweetener like xylitol, erythritol etc and can’t find unadulterated stevia.

Finally, I came across this: chocolate cake in a mug – even though I’d not had banana for a while, I wanted to try.


I completely failed to take a photo because I’ve eaten it all. Slowly. It’s not sweet to most people but it certainly hit that spot. It’s also not so amazing I will have to make it every day.

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