Homeschool 1-4/52 

At the Alphonse Mucha exhibition in Glasgow – she was singularly unimpressed by the beautiful drawings and engravings but did a few sketches of her own, which I am not to share on here.

The dolls have become very popular so of course, there was a doll picnic or two. She uses a German bone china set which is very carefully played with – I have never seen such a careful child before.

We tried ice skating. I managed around twice but she was not happy with it and it was a very expensive 30 minutes.

The daily routine is very much hit or miss at the moment. Too many demands and she will refuse to do anything. Too few and she tries to watch TV all day. The contrast with our screen free few weeks in December is pretty awful.

I think I have to admit temporary defeat on he project based idea for now: despite being obsessed with the Lion King 1 & 1/2, there was no way to get her sitting down or lying down and looking at the amazing materials I found about Kenya. Maybe next month!

Yeah she still knows how to get on my good side: she used some of her new Klutz lettering set to make this one.

Sometimes I try to make plans. I like the bullet journal approach as it makes the chaos seem almost managaeable?

A thank you note from the Wellie Wishers (smaller cousins of the American Girl dolls). I really love the unprompted poetry in the middle! 

On our way to recorder lesson at the end of the month, I pointed out the difference between the two flats: lying panes – aren’t they great? The windows are still 6 over 6 but they lie on their sides.

Lots and lots about art and skillshare and watercolour…

An old one from our (so far) only trip to Devon. I think she can only have been 18-20 months and was nicknamed “The Claw” for not good reasons. Her main phrase was “mine”, even when it clearly wasn’t…

Learning about bulbs as it is almost Spring here. 

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