Life is Messy II: order out of chaos. Sorta.

So in one child-free afternoon I went from *this*

To this:

The large crate full of cotton scraps is a slightly better organised crate (& on top of *cough* the other crate of silk & satin scraps elsewhere… Yes my bedroom. I am so in dire need of a separate sewing room it’s crazy. Or – crazy alert – I could use up my scraps and/or do a giveaway. Anyone interested? Maybe a few satin doll dresses?! Oh dear, planning my next project but three already!

You can see I’ve organised it by function (I hope): almost in order of sewing need, so I will go from top to bottom. To keep sharp/pointy/stabby tools away from Wee Bear, paper patterns are at the bottom, along with a drawer I hope to empty in short order – the unfinished purses etc.

I even separated the bulk bags of lace scraps I bought on eBay & paired them up! I’m feeling excited about using them as doll dress trims etc!

If you’d like a similar unit – or the same – I bought mine from Hobbycraft where they have free & fairly rapid delivery as well as the best price on the Internet. Now to go back & order some of their cute craft kits for Wee Bear and paper edging scissors!

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