Redeeming the time.

Time is all too precious: I have a small business, painting Orthodox icons; I have a large and unruly garden, populated with weeds and seven hens; I have a husband who works so hard I am chief cook, bottle washer and household manager; most importantly, I have a daughter who is nearly five years old and is smarter than any kind of bear, never mind the average one. She’s called Wee Bear, online. I suppose that makes me Mama Bear and I certainly feel like one when I see her growing up, so strong and fragile all at once.


To celebrate her fifth birthday, we have bought a really special doll: Tulipe, from My Doll Best Friend. Partly because she loves dolls and creating wonderful stories and dialogues with them, partly because she is an only child who has two very busy parents, even though one of them stays at home with her… and partly because I want to encourage her to feel like a child. She has her ‘thin dollies’ already yes, much against my better judgement, although I do my best to undermine them when we play – “aren’t they silly? look their feet don’t go flat!”

Little Tulipe – or whatever her name will become – is going to arrive on the 30th of June 2013. Before then, I want to make Wee Bear at least one dress to match her doll, a carry bag for travelling on adventures and a matching nightdress for them both. Can I do it in less than two weeks? Without letting her see?

Let’s find out.

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