Review: Pattern Emporium Flat front Gathered skirt. No photos!

Another super speedy, photograph-short review, mainly because a) this pattern is very, very easy and quick to make and b) the results were hideous on me.

The Pattern Emporium skirt looks cute: it is versatile, comfortable and the version I have includes an ingenious way to add pockets with either a straight or a curved top. It is speedy to sew and I cannot fault a single step – it’s clearly illustrated, very well written, and ideal for beginners or those wanting a really fast make.

However: I refuse to take photographs of how it looks on this very pronounced, overweight pear shaped woman. In fact, I’ve already removed the waist band and will be making it into something else. It was THAT unflattering. I should have bought the skater skirt, which would be much better for my shape I think.  If you are pear shaped, either buy this pattern if you don’t mind having the ‘bubble butt’ silhouette or are happy to only wear it at home. Or in the dark.

You can be sure that when I’ve shed this 50lbs, I will be making lots of them AND sharing the photographs x

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