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Forties films: a whole new reason to watch

I was watching TV while I tidied up, an early Hitchcock film was on and I noticed something: the clothes.

This one on the younger daughter caught my eye because its similar to something I’m making for Wee Bear just now!

Even the ‘dowdy’ older mother is smartly dressed: she always wears an apron when cooking or cleaning. I couldn’t get photographs of them (yes, I’m such a technopeasant I just took photos of the screen) but they were proper full aprons.

The main character Charlie had by far the prettiest clothes of course: I like the fluttery chiffon sleeves on this blouse, even though I need a bit more kettle bell work before I’m happy with my arms being seen in public.

Although it’s a bit smart for me, I can see this blouse & skirt working really well for a vintage look in the office! What do you think?

Vintage pattern sites: blurry eyes

A really, really super brief post: I’ve been looking high and low for what I think of as a ‘bog standard’ day dress pattern. I’m suspecting that something later 40s or 50s would work for me, as I like longer and fuller skirts. Let’s say “alice, rabbit hole, down” and leave it at that? Anyway, a morning when I should have been working has left me with a big old pile of links that I want to share and at a future point add into a very helpful ‘widget box’ for vintage pattern sources. In the meantime, for your enjoyment and perusal.

And now I have to run and paint, quickly. Another house bound afternoon with grumpy five year old darling beckons.

Vintage Land: where people wear hats & tip them appropriately

I’m going to be up front: my personal style has been missing in action for many years. As a teenage Goth, I thought nothing of staying up all night to get my hair upright & black as jet, or spending an hour on make up.

Marriage, my conversion to Orthodox Christianity (with a good dose of modesty) and gaining weight – and being a busy mother – did nothing to encourage a return to looking nice.

Cardigans, jeans (at home only), full length linen smocks & pinafores… Not exactly setting the world on fire. Or inspiring my daughter to think its possible to take care of our appearance, have a sense of modesty & still be Christian. It’s a tricky one for me: but enough is enough.

I had a good look around the ‘fashion’ magazines and was completely uninspired. The style just isn’t flattering for a middle-sized pear shape mum: I can’t wear heels, I don’t show my legs or arms (mainly because I’m self conscious) and I like to keep my cleavage to myself.

All very nice but not at all ‘me’.

The images I found myself pinning and being drawn to were all ‘vintage’: maybe not the smartest ones of the 50s but even so, they were so much more feminine, flattering to my shape and… charming, I suppose.

I began to do a little digging around and found the adorable Land Girl blog and was inspired to call Edinburgh’s very own Miss Dixiebelle to arrange a hair makeover. Everyone knows if your hair isn’t right, nothing is right, right? And my hair was, to be honest, very very dull.

Of course, now I look at it & wish I was a hippy again… It will grow.

Now onwards to vintage land, where chaps tip their hats & ladies can wear gloves even in summer.