Week 3: unit study “Dogs” part 1

This week K chose to study dogs, in general. Thankfully I had bought the unit study from Amanda Bennet’s site a few years ago. It is very North American focused but there is enough to allow it to be adapted easily for Scotland. It’s a huge resource and you DO need to use a computer though, as lots of the information is hyperlinked from the file. To complement this we downloaded the Dog Lapbook from Homeschool Share as who doesn’t love having a pretty lapbook at the end of a study?

Monday began very slowly, as teacher was feeling pretty tired. Miss K sat and played with hama beads – fine motor control, concentration, occasionally plunging her hands into the large tub of beads… while we got everything up and ready for the week to come. We had a daily timetable on the blackboard too, to make sure we got the minimum covered. That didn’t work, so on Tuesday, we added images/drawings. Tuesday was similarly busy but reluctant to work so by Wednesday, I was grateful for the rest when she went out to G&G’s.

Trying to get as many things on the floor as possible…

Our whiteboard timetable.

On Wednesday, her biggest focus was finishing work…

On Thursday we went to Church & tried to finish work in the cafe – it wasn’t completely unsuccessful but by now we were agreed that we need more focus by using a FiaR book each day. She managed to avoid maths almost all week…

Friday was another Granny & Grandad day: they managed to persuade her to do some reading – her strongest point – and some times tables, but overall this was a week that made me really wonder about homeschooling. Daddy SSS pointed out that if she had been at school, there would be room to hide if she was having an ‘off’ week but hopefully we can get more done next week & include more maths & languages.

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