When what you want isn’t what’s right or easy.

I’ve been avoiding the blog for a while. Not because things haven’t been moving along, not because I haven’t actually *whisper it* made things or done things. Because in April this year, Miss K went back to school. To her local, catchment area RC (Roman Catholic) state primary school… and so far, it’s working.

The area around it is euphemistically called an “area of regeneration”, so they receive high levels of funding and have the most amazing staff I’ve ever met. Miss K started at the end of P4 for the summer term and has, so far, made it almost to November. She went back part time, she had in class ongoing support from the first day. She has a tent in class where she can go when it’s too much and she needs time to calm down, although this is now something she avoids as social pressure to be normal and conform increases.

I’d say for the first term up to the summer break, her best friend was a boy with a similar obsession with crazy science (he knows a lot more facts but they both have a big vision and intended to go to Oxford together to study science). Since the summer holiday, she has been BFFs with a small red haired girl, H, who joins in her obsession with soft toys, cuteness and other girlish things. She has had many more bumpy days since September – There have been few weeks where she has survived a whole five days, as we ramped up her attendance to full time and it’s not really worked. What has worked? Seeing the amazing, unflagging, dedicated skill and love the teachers put into their time with her. I’m not sure the PSAs are just the same but her ASL teacher is surely an angel sent down from heaven… who is about to go on maternity leave… 

Anyway. Over the next few weeks I’ll try and update with my projects: sewing, knitting, baking, gardening, the usual. I spent FOUR DAYS while Miss K was away reorganising and decluttering her room so it’s now the nicest place in the whole house – she loves it so much she’s started sleeping on her OWN and voluntarily stops watching TV to go play in it. Wow. More soon.

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