Month: July 2014

Online Learning – for grown ups! Creativity, Business Skills and more.

cellophaneSo this blog covers a wide range of subjects – a garden post later this week, an embroidery machine review after that – but it’s also about learning. Learning is something I really enjoy: I find it harder now than when I was in my twenties but I’m hoping to be one of those people getting into new things when I’ve silver haired and zipping about on a mobility scooter.

These days, the internet has revolutionised how we can learn – I’m a big fan of for instance, and hope to teach myself photoshop and illustrator using their courses – but I think Skillshare is awesome. THey have such a huge range of subjects and with some incredible teachers, notably Seth Godin, king of the entrepreneurs. At the moment they have a chance to win a lifetime of *FREE* courses – just click this link and enter for your chance!  Plus, if you click on the link, I get another entry 😀 Have a look around at their courses and I’m sure you’ll find something you want to learn. Here’s to learning for grown ups!