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I thought i would share this on my main ‘home’ blog, in case it is something that you’re interested in. It’s personal in a way that only overweight women (who are unhappy with their weight) are likely to really understand. If you’d like to keep me company as I fight the food fight & build my muscles up, there’s a wee link in the text.

Accountability #1
Today is the first day of this blog’s actual life because I have one month to go and I love a deadline.

My knee hurts. My left foot is killing me. I’m almost 41 and although I’ve been eating clean for months now *once I stopped listening to Slimpod and stopped feeling like I had to eat constantly – NB not the normal slimpod experience!* I’ve not dropped much body fat. There’s a few reasons for that and most of them are sweet potato shaped. Hey, compared to the TONS of crap I was eating in the last twenty years January that’s nothing. What happened?

I did a sugar fast. A detox. I followed the very approximate modified version of the 21 day sugar detox and I thought I was going to die or at least fall over. Even though I was still eating a ton of tofu *now I’m not!! I’m eating fish ma! real honest to goodness animal… oh right.*

I’ve honestly only in the last week felt like i had the energy to think about exercising, although that might’ve been staying up late at night sewing too… (I made a version of this!)

Chloe Party Dress: sooo cute.

So. ONE THING AT A TIME is my new motto. I would go insane only actually doing one thing at all so I’m limiting myself to one thing of each kind of thing, do you see?

Alignment 1: Stand with my feet straight and hips level (I swing my right one forward). To do this every 20 minutes. Aided by…

Therapy 1: Study the Psoas course by the awesome Katy Bowman at Aligned and Well.

Sewing 1: Completing the smocked dresses I began months ago for Wee Bear. Before Autumn as both are definitely ‘summer’…

Parenting 1: Consistent bedtime with no screens after 6.30pm *creeping backwards*

Eating 1: Increase my intake of leafy green veg. I’m hoping to start the ‘Thrive Forward Programme’ for vegans once I’m a bit stronger…

Exercise 1: MuTu my ass daily. Oh yeah baby, you know it.

Bedtime: be in bed at 11pm every. Single. Day.

And I think that’s enough, right? To start with? I’ve got a whole TON of stuff I want to do (the new Colette dress, a few other frocks, a lot of doll outfits, more painting, get my rollerskates, etc) but I need to start small. One bite at a time. Given that I’m eating cleaner than i have in my whole life, I’m on the path now.

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