December Gardening

Scotland really knows how to do winter. The wind is freezing and cuts through jumpers, the sun sets early and come January, we usually get snow.

Sometimes though, the sun shines, the clouds disperse and the winds drop. Only for a few hours but enough for us to get out and tidy up before spring.

We took out the last of the broccoli, cauliflower and kale. I confess, none of them worked: no florets grew and I can’t stand kale. Lots of flowers though!

The raised beds are now clear, apart from some spinach in its second winter, which is much loved by the Bantams. They adore their greens, although unlike our full size hens they won’t eat the stalks.

I had hoped to have everything painted and a hinged lid put into the cold frame – or the bin as it’s used just now – but it’s not happened yet. Hopefully the next couple of months will be easier and we can add it, otherwise we may struggle to get the seedlings past the leap from windowsill to bed.
In spite of some complaining, Wee Bear did help a little and then did that glorious thing of being bored. I love it when she’s bored because she actually goes and does her own thing.
This isn’t quite what I had in mind though…


Or this.


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