Guinea Pig Lapbook

Now that we are homeschooling (or home educating, as it’s more commonly called here in Scotland) there are lots of ways to record our interests and what we investigate. One of the popular ones amongst homeschoolers are lapbooks: It’s a really simple way to collect information together and present it attractively (as well as provide lots of paper cutting and gluing time)…

We began our lapbook journey by using a template from Creative Learning, to celebrate the arrival of Robert & Rupert, our resident boar guinea pigs.

So while we were doing the research, I found that this cage:

Is far, far too small. So we built this one!

And we added a base made from sign board material called “Correx” or “Coroplast” and then built some drawers for the base, so we have a lot of storage for all their food, hay, bedding and newspapers. It’s called Piggingham Palace.







Although there was a lot of writing that Wee Bear is not yet ready for, we learned all about their life cycle, the kind of food they like best, the names of pups, boars & sows etc. She even drew portraits of our two boys. It’s since been doodled and and filled in rather randomly but I have a feeling we both like having these kind of ‘books’. So far she’s asked to make lots of lapbooks on subjects that randomly cross our path and the fabulous thing is, we can. Whatever she finds interesting, we can investigate. If something is boring, we won’t. I can hear some of you saying “we all have to do things that are boring” but just think: how much of the stuff that you crammed into your brains because you *had* to in school is still there? Did it encourage you to study, investigate, communicate with random passers by or shopworkers about your current project? No?

Education is to light a fire, not fill a bucket. (W.B. Yeats)


  1. I still think there are times when you just have to learn stuff however ‘boring’. Maths for example does not set my world alight but I need a bit of it when I sew. However, having said that what you are doing is far more inspirational and important. Your children will grow up with a love of learning and that is an amazing gift to pass on to any lucky child x

    • Hi Josie. I do agree completely! However, there are ways to get my girl to do things and the best way I’ve found is sneaking them in when she’s not completely listening. She’s an unusual little bod who will hear something, not pay obvious attention, then later (and it could be weeks later) you’ll be asked about how to divide something, what halfs are, etc. It will take us a while but I’m glad that, so far, we aren’t having to push her. In fact, I can’t think of anything more guaranteed to turn her off to any kind of learning. In fact, sewing is a perfect way to learn maths in a practical way!

  2. May I ask where I can get the guinea pig lapbook please, We have 8 little cuties and would like our children to learn more about them I home school

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