Life is Messy: organising the sewing chaos

So after a really super intense week of sewing before the Craft Fair (where I sold one pair of shoes & one doll! Nothing I made this week!) this is the mess left behind:

And even worse:

I’m not feeling particularly inspired to sew or do anything with all that lying around.

This afternoon, it’s all going into this:

And later on I will share how I have categorised my materials. Living on.the.edge. Right?


  1. I have these drawers too, but a triple set full of fabric! I thought it would solve my excess fabric all over the place problem but within a few weeks I had filled them and now need more storage! But still at least my stash is nice and organised now and not just in big piles. I even put sticker labels onto each drawer so I can find things more easily 🙂

    • See my very next post! I’m a huge fan of them & might get the triple if I ever convert my attic: it will be *my* studio/sewing space. Oh what bliss 🙂 but I had to get them, the rainbow colours are so lovely.

      • As Fr Grumpy-Mischa rents my large front bedroom and my small bedroom (thereby paying the council tax, energy bills and buying the all-important cat nosh) I have everything in my room which would be alright seeing as I have so little in the way of clothes and personal stuff if I wasn’t keeping the bedroom furniture my dad bought me. Sigh. I have piles of stuff everywhere in and out of said furniture. If I could even half convince myself of the possibility of selling anything I’d get busy making a lot of it into bags, etc, for Etsy and craft fairs but it selling prospects seem so dismal. Anyway I can be tidy vicariously through you 🙂

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