Movie-Inspired dress(es)

So this house, like many others, is fond of a film about two sisters, two boys and a snowman… Yes, Frozen has taken up home here too. I’d not say she was obsessed but we do know all the words to “Let it go”…

Finding costumes that fit and are play friendly is impossible, so I decided to make them!

20140605-093005.jpg the new embroidery machine means that it’s possible to recreate bodice and skirt designs that really look good (instead of faffing about with paint and stencils) and can cope with playtime!

20140605-093144.jpg I added an extra underskirt layer, complete with ruffled net, for extra foof, but if she was a real climber I might leave this off – it looks good without it too.

20140605-093321.jpg it comes with a peasant style, pull on cotton top, although I’m planning a stretchy jersey version too that looks a bit more like the film – anything for a bit of variety!

20140605-093514.jpg and in the back I put a serious zip! I know Velcro is easier for the little ones but isn’t it frustrating when it gets covered in fluff and won’t come off or fasten properly? Although yes, Velcro would be easier…

20140605-093711.jpg yes, one very happy little girl, no feeling guilty about buying something from a sweat shop in the Far East, something that fits.. I think it’s a win! Now to persuade her to let me take it to the Mayfield Salisbury Playgroup summer fair this weekend… And make a mannequin for it.. And and and. Can I have an extra day please?

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