Retro Shoes: American Duchess giveaway!

There are several super-cool posts just awaiting the removal of my current lurgy & pre-autumnal apathy (anyone else get that end-of-summer-dip? just me?) but in the short term, here’s a super, super cute giveaway.

American Duchess, purveyors of fine historical footwear, have produced a pair of adorable 1930s inspired shoes. Not only of their usual high quality and style but one pair is being given away free. Free. Nada, gratis, not a penny required. Why wouldn’t anyone sign up for that? I dunno.

clare-comp-1 claremont-1930s-suede-oxford-brown-2 Claremont-pre-order-banner-1

Tere you are: a linkety link and a few beyootiful pics to whet your vintage appetites. Now, I must fly – coffee, a warm scarf around my poorly neck and plotting my next few posts await. Seriously.


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