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Burns Night in Edinburgh

At the end of January we celebrated Burns Night – albeit without the haggis & traditional imbibing of whisky.

Wee Bear visited the Storytelling Centre for a short play with puppets about the life of Burns and was so fired up about the poem “Tam o Shanter” that she sat down and made these drawings to illustrate the story.

Here is Tam’s house, where his wife sits, waiting for the drunken lout to return.

Tam rides on his guid grey mare Meg to the inn.

And the pub, where Tam & friends get unco fu’ (full – of drink!)

The auld Galloway Kirk (church) where the devil & witches gather.

Here are all the instruments they played!

This is the young & attractive witch who wears a short shift (sark) so exciting that Tam calls “weel done Cutty Sark” and they all start to chase him.

Auld Nick himself…

And finally, Tam escapes but only by leaving behind poor Meg’s tail.

She couldn’t sleep until she had done all of these but I think they’re great & show how important poetry and story telling are for her.