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Vintage Land: where people wear hats & tip them appropriately

I’m going to be up front: my personal style has been missing in action for many years. As a teenage Goth, I thought nothing of staying up all night to get my hair upright & black as jet, or spending an hour on make up.

Marriage, my conversion to Orthodox Christianity (with a good dose of modesty) and gaining weight – and being a busy mother – did nothing to encourage a return to looking nice.

Cardigans, jeans (at home only), full length linen smocks & pinafores… Not exactly setting the world on fire. Or inspiring my daughter to think its possible to take care of our appearance, have a sense of modesty & still be Christian. It’s a tricky one for me: but enough is enough.

I had a good look around the ‘fashion’ magazines and was completely uninspired. The style just isn’t flattering for a middle-sized pear shape mum: I can’t wear heels, I don’t show my legs or arms (mainly because I’m self conscious) and I like to keep my cleavage to myself.

All very nice but not at all ‘me’.

The images I found myself pinning and being drawn to were all ‘vintage’: maybe not the smartest ones of the 50s but even so, they were so much more feminine, flattering to my shape and… charming, I suppose.

I began to do a little digging around and found the adorable Land Girl blog and was inspired to call Edinburgh’s very own Miss Dixiebelle to arrange a hair makeover. Everyone knows if your hair isn’t right, nothing is right, right? And my hair was, to be honest, very very dull.

Of course, now I look at it & wish I was a hippy again… It will grow.

Now onwards to vintage land, where chaps tip their hats & ladies can wear gloves even in summer.