Time to get creatively organised: how do you manage?


It’s no secret that I am a woman who takes on too much. Repeatedly. Never finishes anything. Has fabulous flashes of inspiration but then… blah. Meh. (your choice of fa*l word). How else to describe someone who paints, sews, gardens, grows, teaches, cleans, cooks, just barely manages to keep all the plates spinning but then can’t fit in time for the stuff to keep me able to do the above (yoga, walking, reading, drinking coffee with friends, daydreaming up some inspiration).

This year not only will I discover the meaning of life (geek joke klaxon) as I attain my forty second birthday, but I will complete my butterfly like rebirth somewhere I can be messy, creative, discover my superpowers and creative kryptonite AND get myself organised to within an inch of my previously chaotic life: the Life is Messy Bootcamp.

What is the Bootcamp? Do you have to get sweaty? (Let me whisper something to you: I don’t DO that kind of thing). No. You can sit in your PJs, your smoking jacket, your fluffy maribou negligee, drink coffee/tea/martini and get yourself sorted. LOTS of inspiring video lessons, guides, quizzes, by the adorable Mayi, our Cap’n Cupcake, and an astonishingly supportive private FB group, who will give you honest feedback, support and cheerleading/commiseration as required. Did I mention the tons of printables to make your life more organised?

My favourites: Daily, weekly and monthly schedules; This is a list (I LOVE LISTS); Idea incubator; Super Power Finder; One Page Project Planner… it’s a long list. What is best? You print it out, scribble, draw on it, then you can print it again and again and again.


Don’t take my word for it though. Hop on over to Life is Messy and never feel embarassed about your creatively messy inspired need to daydream and think big and rediscover who you are EVER AGAIN. Now go get comfy and enjoy x

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